Grooming Services

At Chique Pets Grooming Parlour, we are a local business dedicated to providing pet grooming, dog walking and pet careย services across the New Malden area.

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Dog Grooming

Because of our love for animals, we always give your dog the personal attention it deserves. We take great care in washing, drying, and styling them. Having your pet groomed regularly is essential for keeping your best friend's skin and coat healthy. We take the time to ensure the safety and well being of your pet, never compromising on our high-level of service.

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Cat Grooming

Every cat has different fur just like we have different hair types. Fur is made up of a long over-coat strand and a shorter undercoat strand (usually more than one). It is the undercoat fur strand that tends to cause knots and matting. Some cats will have recurring problems, especially, if they have long fur or a thick coat. Problems that can occur are the development of matted knots - these clumps of heavily matted fur should be clipped away. Underneath, the skin can become irritated and infections can occur. At Chique Pets Grooming Parlour, we can style or clip all or part of your cat, whatever is required.

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Dogโ€‹ Walking

Each of the "dog walking" services are tailored to our customers' individual needs. If you have a specific request or even if your pet requires medication or special dietary requirements, our teams are able to help. From short riverside walks to long, relaxing, peaceful countryside walks, all walks are free from roads with heavy traffic and full of space to run and play. With our dog walking services, we understand the bonds that exist between dogs and their owners and try and make these stronger. The dog's owner can make the most of our services to ensure that their pets are well looked after. With us, the owners are sure to find the best dog walking services at reasonable costs. Also, our people love spending time with dogs.